How to Protect Your Home Against Burglaries and Break-Ins

man protecting houseIn case your home is broken into, you could easily suffer a loss of several hundred or thousands of dollars in stolen goods or damaged property. As the national economy struggles to recover, robberies are increasing. However, there are ways to make your home less attractive to home intruders.

Below are some few ways to protect your home against burglaries and break ins. Keep in mind that in some instances, your local Coral Springs locksmith may be able to assist you in making decisions about more ways to protect your family and property.

First and foremost, overgrown bushes and trees provide an intruder with a place to hide. You should trim these overgrown vegetation in order to enable neighbors and passersby to see your home’s windows and doors. This is not expensive as it only needs some few hours thus making your property less attractive to intruders.

Secondly, you can use window shades or any other types of window treatments to keep your property out the view of prying eyes. Burglary is at times influenced by “window shopping” in your house which is also a way that intruders select their potential targets.

Third, avoid drawing too much attention to your home by disposing empty boxes together with rubbish just when you’re about to leave on a trip or vacation. If you put boxes of a new laptop, video game system or flat screen TV; generally, any expensive home electronics, you are revealing to potential intruders what new items you have purchased.

A fourth way is to have enough light during the night because dark makes it easy for an intruder to hide or lay low. The best safety measure is a motion-sensing systems. For example, motion sensors can light or get activated when movement is detected. The immediate change of darkness to light will surprise the burglar and provide an opportunity to alert you or your neighbors.

A fifth way is to affix timers to the lights and other devices. It can also be done to televisions or radios, which are set to automatically light up within 30 to 45 minutes before darkness. This will signify that there is someone at home and the television will even be more convincing.

Normally, intruders do not want to be met by anyone in home. They simply want to get in and out without being recognized. Therefore, if they do not hear sounds, they will move in. Timers vary from $5 to $40 according to their complexity. A plug in system can turn lights on and off one or two times during the day while wired digital systems can turn light on according to the numbers set.

Finally, if your home is equipped with flimsy door locks and no security system, you should consider beefing up these measures. Not only can you outfit doors with deadbolts and other security measures, you can do the same with windows as well. This is were a Coral Springs locksmith can help. To learn more, visit http://locksmithcoralspringsfl.net

You may be surprised by the number of options you have available to you. And best of all, there’s sure to be something that will match your budget.